Dr. Brian Gibson

I have been a chiropractic physician for 40 years and graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago in 1980. The curriculum consisted of 4 years of coursework dealing with the spine, the nerves, x-rays, diagnostic tests and treatment of diseases of the body as well as a final year of Internship at the chiropractic college’s clinic.

I served as an instructor in the Chiropractic Department at the National College of Chiropractic and taught the chiropractic adjusting techniques and functioned as a clinician for younger interns at the National College public clinic. A part-time practice in Oak Park on the outskirts of Chicago was concurrently maintained.

In 1983, I established Belmar Chiropractic in Belmar, New Jersey. It was a family based practice focusing on seniors, automobile injuries, work injuries, as well as sports injuries and nutritional wellness. I provided services to the community for over 14 years.

In 2003, I took on post graduate studies in alternative medicine and received a degree as a Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine (DNM) from the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Southern Graduate Institute of Health Science, an affiliate of St. Luke University School of Medicine. A license to practice Naturopathy in Idaho was received in 2004. (currently inactive)

I am currently practicing at the Venice Spine and Disc( Instead of Health Institute) in Venice, Florida at 153 Center RD. where I treat spinal injuries from auto accidents and sports as well providing senior and family chiropractic care. I take a special interest in the treatment of Neuropathies, Spinal Disc problems and SpinalStenosis which I often treat with spinal decompression.

Wellness Care is also provided including nutrition with Standard Process, as well as treatment for Neuropathies, and other natural alternatives and options for better health.

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Dr. Brian Gibson
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